Voxatron level

I’ve been working on an arena style level for Voxatron. This is my first level I’m making in Voxatron, the tools are quite nice and fun to use. Anyway here’s a screenshot:



Zombie Minesweeper

I’ve been playing Zombie Minesweeper on iPhone. The only other minesweeper games I’ve played are the ones that came with Windows 98/XP, so I don’t know what other kinds of variations of the game there are. But this one is a really good one with nice visuals and a great soundtrack which you can buy on iTunes and the sound effects are also very satisfying.

20110924-133155.jpg 20110924-133204.jpg

You basically control a girl who is trying to make it to a cabin to meet her boyfriend, all whilst avoiding mines and different kind of zombie animals. You can lure zombies onto mines or pick up weapons to fend them off.

I’ve played all the levels once but now I’m trying to get three gold coins/star on all levels which you get for completing the level without dying, finding enough mines and killing enough zombies.