Mods for Unreal Tournament 2004

The Telic Campaign

The Telic Campaign

The Telic campaign is a new campaign for the mod Alien Swarm by Black Cat Games. It adds new missions, weapons, items, gameplay and much more.This campaign was made by a core team of five people (me being one) plus a number of other contributors and testers. My tasks were programming and level design.

Released August 8th 2007

More info at the Telic Campaign website



This is a level for the mod Alien Swarm done by Black Cat Games.
I coded a small gimmick for this map. In the original Alien Swarm levels there are “Synup” vending machines in different places. They don’t do anything, so for my level I made it so you can use them and get Synup drinks that heal 1hp.

Story: Yet another base has been overrun and as usual it’s the marines job to clean up the mess.

Released August 13th 2004

Download from the IAF Database
Download from Nalicity

BR Pass Me v1.01

With this mutator you can make pass request to the ball carrier in Bombing Run. The ball carrier will get a message on his/her hud that you want the ball.

Released May 28th 2004

Download from (zip)
Download from (umod)

ReDGen v1.2

Regenerates and/or degenerates players health and optionally gives a health bonus for each kill. You can also specify the starting health for players. All this can be configurated in the menus.

Released November 23rd 2002
Updated August 8th 2007

Download from